Reflections on AEJMC

I had a great time at AEJMC- this was the first year I attended and I was able to meet so many amazing people and catch up with old friends in other universities. Although I was a journalist and CEO of a media company for several years, my current research is more of a combination of communication, psychology, and human-computer interaction (HCI); it was thus refreshing to hear about studies that are more “traditional” journalism studies, such as content analysis of media content.

It’s always so nice to be able to talk to smart people and meet people whom you have communicated with online but not face-to-face. Earlier this year, I had sent out emails to faculty members in other universities who had previously collaborated with my adviser, Bob LaRose, because I was trying to get nomination letters for his 2010 article on Media Habits (It paid off: he won the best article award at ICA this year). At AEJMC I was actually able to meet one of the individuals who had written a letter of support, so that was a pleasant surprise.

My poster on reciprocity and social capital, and Kyu, a friend at Syracuse.

Downtown St. Louis was very beautiful; a lot of classical architecture. Many buildings had very “weird” faux-facades, where the wall was painted to look like it was three-dimensional:

There was not a lot of public art, but the few pieces I saw were extremely cool, like this huge figure of a walking person:

More photos from AEJMC are here.


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