Korea okays stem cell therapies despite limited peer-reviewed data. Nature Medicine March 2012

Beyond high school, ‘colleges’ teach medical marijuana. Nature Medicine June 2010

Mandatory registration required for Korean stem cell lines. Nature Medicine February 2010

Cloned Dogs Give Birth. Suite101 4 September 2008

Fish on “the pill”. HarvardScience 16 February 2008

Korean Cloning Scandal: Prosecutors Allege Elaborate Deception and Missing Funds. Science 19 May 2006

Premier Science University Ousts Unpopular President. Science 7 April 2006

UV-resistant lichen is latest polar find. JoongAng Daily 23 Feb. 2007

Research Misconduct: Seoul National University Dismisses Hwang. Science 26 March 2006

Elephant seems to speak Korean. JoongAng Daily Oct 8, 2006


Barcoding Sponges in Hospitals. Suite101 9 April 2008

Using Stem Cells for Cosmetics. Suite101 30 April 2008

iPod does not harm pacemakers. Suite101 27 March 2008

Skipping Insulin Shots Fatal. Suite101 28 Feb.2008

To lose weight- eat less, exercise more. HarvardScience 17 Feb. 2008

Sharks being hammered by over-fishing. HarvardScience 17 Feb. 2008

Brain stem role in speech perception reassessed. HarvardScience 17 Feb. 2008

Violators of environmental treaties should have to pay. HarvardScience 17 Feb. 2008

Public funding of science no business for public. HarvardScience 16 Feb. 2008

Religious beliefs shape views of science. HarvardScience 15 Feb. 2008

Warming of Antarctic oceans endangers marine life. HarvardScience 15 Feb. 2008

Harvard team explains Hwang’s stem cell fraud. JoongAng Daily 3 August 2007

Koreans help restore site in Vietnam. JoongAng Daily 27 August 2007

The scientists who cloned the wolves made some mathematical mistakes. JoongAng Daily 16 April 2007

Korea has grown sub-tropical and must adjust, experts say. JoongAng Daily 22 March 2007

Korea Targets Lab Mischief. Science 16 Feb. 2007

Stem cell funding leaves out field of disgraced scientist. JoongAng Daily 5 Feb. 2007

Progress for Bioethics Rules. Science 8 Dec. 2006

Familiar Tune for New KAIST Leader. Science 29 Sept. 2006

Hwang Returns to the Lab. ScienceNOW 23 August 2006

Scientists develop ‘space kimchi’ for astronauts. JoongAng Daily 25 April 2006

Departing KAIST head blames board of trustees. JoongAng Daily 2 April 2006

Nobel laureate calls his ouster ‘political.JoongAng Daily 29 March 2006

At KAIST, rebellion boils over president. JoongAng Daily 24 March 2006

Private research funding went to stocks, buildings. JoongAng Daily 30 January 2006

Hwang saga conjures up more queries. JoongAng Daily 22 January 2006

Veterans win a suit over Agent Orange. JoongAng Daily 26 January 2006

Auditors look at grants to a Hwang ally. JoongAng Daily 17 January 2006

Researchers exchanged e-mails in past weeks. JoongAng Daily 16 January 2006

U.S.-based bioengineer forbids Hwang to use aseptic pigs in research. JoongAng Daily 15 January 2006

Research center in limbo as funding, hope vanish. JoongAng Daily 8 January 2006

Prosecutors forbid travel of 11 cloners. JoongAng Daily 6 January 2006

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