Social Media

NJIT Buddy (2016)

njit-buddy-logoNJIT Buddy is an Android/ iOS mobile application to help college students connect virtually and provide social support to each other. This app is a very simple social system in which people can post short status updates, somewhat similar to Twitter, but exclusive for the NJIT community. When students post something, they will be able to respond to other posts with a “hug,” a feature that is similar to the “Like” button on Facebook. There is also a “bell” function where if someone feels that another is in need of help, they can raise an alert. Counter to most social media that revolves around giving more attention to “popular” posts, the app is designed to give more attention to people with low psychological wellbeing through a collection of carefully designed features, algorithms, and an offline social support structure.

Virtual Sisters (2017)


Virtual Sisters is a mobile online community that enables women in STEM fields to interact with each other, to give and receive the social support that they cannot get through other means, and to be a non-judgmental safe space. (2001)


Ewhaian was founded in May, 2001, by three friends— Hye-kyung Han, Eun-kyung Na, and Donghee Wohn– as a hyperlocal social network site for students, alumni, and family/friends associated with Ewha Womans University in Seoul, South Korea. Users are able to create a profile, make groups, participate in BBS-type forums, post classified ads, share information on classes and professors, blog, and send private messages to other users. Two years after launching, a ―content section was added to the site where student reporters write feature-style articles, interviews, and op-eds. The website is still run by current students through a non-profit organization that was established in 2002, and is an active community with thousands of concurrent users and tens of thousands of active members.