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Asian Wave changing look of online gamesJoongAng Daily 8/11/2004

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Adding a Story to Hidden Object Games Play As Life 6 Jan 2010

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Orwellian uprising on Farmville. Play As Life 8 Nov 2009

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In-game breeding and morality. Play As Life 23 April 2009

[Review] World of Goo. Suite101 3 December 2008

Nintendo Wii is Different in Korea. Suite101 15 April 2008

[Review] Professor Layton Game Suite101 12 April 2008

WoW Gets Hacked in Korea. Suite101 20 March 2008

[Review] Pirates Online Fails to Deliver. Suite101 18 March 2008

Game will sound like real combat. JoongAng Daily 20 August 2007

The hottest sports action in Korea is computerized. JoongAng Daily 13 August 2007

Sex, violence, politics find a way into game. JoongAng Daily 2 August 2007

[Review] As a game, Ratatouille is disposable. JoongAng Daily 23 July 2007

PlayStation 3 arrives late with lots of problems. JoongAng Daily 25 June 2007

Starcraft 2 preview sets gamers buzzing. JoongAng Daily 28 May 2007

Games and movies play nicely together. JoongAng Daily 30 April 2007

Illegal Nintendo goods undermine DS release. JoongAng Daily 17 April 2007

Air Force has serious purpose for gamers. JoongAng Daily 4 April 2007

Brain games are latest fad for IQ set. JoongAng Daily 23 March 2007

Pantech to drop cyber game team. JoongAng Daily 17 March 2007

Raising sled dogs on the ice is secret formula for success. JoongAng Daily 28 Feb. 2007

Huxley wins big cash bonus to boost Webzen’s fortunes. JoongAng Daily 14 Feb. 2007

Blizzard has to fight censors before beginning its crusade. JoongAng Daily 7 Feb. 2007

StarCraft games take Air Force to new heights. JoongAng Daily 31 January 2007

[Review] Orange goo is crucial for Wayne’s world. JoongAng Daily 17 January 2007

New game deals with North Korea. JoongAng Daily 15 January 2007

Nintendo Officially Releases DS Lite in Korea. JoongAng Daily 9 January 2007

New Year Off to Speedy Start with Multiplayer Race Games. JoongAng Daily 2 January 2007

Musicians dial up exposure through game soundtracks. JoongAng Daily 2 May 2006

Comrade athletes, ready your joysticks! JoongAng Daily 25 April 2006

[Interview] Gaming pioneer on playing games to earn a living. JoongAng Daily 21 April 2006

Explosions, exhaust and digital machismo. JoongAng Daily 18 April 2006

Gamers go up to bat, with Web sites loaded. JoongAng Daily 11 April 2006

[Review] Shanghai Mahjong V. JoongAng Daily 30 March 2006

[Review] Mitama Shinobi. JoongAng Daily 9 March 2006

[Review] Blistex Kiss Kiss. JoongAng Daily 26 February 2006

[Review] Kwonho Online. JoongAng Daily 26 January 2006

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