Stop blaming the Internet

I do wish people would stop talking about the Internet as if it is a beast with a mind of its own. While it is true that the Internet cannot be controlled entirely by one person or government, it is not in itself an intelligent system that is self-generative.

We speak of spam and bad codes as if the Internet, a monster, is delivering them to our computer. The media speak of “people on the Internet” as if the people writing on the Internet are of a different species. The Internet is blamed for being a host of porn and other “bad” material.

It is a shame that as time passes, more people forget that we are the Internet. Human beings are the ones developing hacking programs; human beings are the ones creating content and online culture. And while the Internet is integrated with our lives so intricately, some people think that it is okay to avoid ethics and abuse the Internet with all its legal loopholes.


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