The Lake Bride

A white mist hangs on the lake, a translucent veil

on the head of a bride standing alone in front

of the wedding altar.

She is so chillingly beautiful, her tears trapped under

the placid surface that shows an absent expression.

But underneath, she buries her pulsing sorrows among the

tangled weeds, left for the minnows to gnaw.

Her silent sobs echo among the trees,

shattering the faint sunlight into faded autumn leaves

that are strewn on her empty wedding bed.

The pines hang their heads in silent respect, their

limp arms unable to comfort the jilted bride.

A lone water strider etches neverending circles on her

heart, leaving faint trails of thin veins that

inconsiderately refresh her ache.

As the sun rudely breaks into her sacred chamber,

she slides behind her mirrored facade- as her emotions

fade away, dissolving into a pool of nothingness.



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