the professor

He is wearing lemon yellow socks and and mustard colored bow tie with large dots. Next to him on the stand is a white motorcycle helmet that looks sleek and shiny like the white-uniformed robots in Star Wars.
He looks like the “traditional” Harvard professor, with a balding head, white mustache, and navy blazer. Strangely enough, his glasses are not gold-rimmed, but a clear plastic. His lips are pressed into a straight line, not
firmly pressed, but in a straight line instead of a curved one, so that his mustache looks like a milk mustache, which may look comic but for the
deep ridges between his brows as if he has frowned for many a year over frustrating issues.
He is frowning into the screen of a silver Mac laptop, looking at his watch from time to time– his right ankle perched on his left knee and a gold pen stuck into one of his shoes.


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