Whole Foods

I had never seen so many types of squash before. There were the big, plump orange pumpkins used to make jack-o-lanterns for Halloween, and then smaller, lumpy squashes ranging from light beige to bright yellow and green.
Nor had I seen so many types of tomatoes. There was the conventional round red tomato, but also smaller ones the size of tennis balls that had a swirly pink skin and yellow skins dappled with dots. Even the tiny cherry tomatoes looked different, not round like cherries, but oblong like blown-up almonds.
Shelves and shelves of olives– were there really so many different kinds?– and then a whole section of cheese. Pre-cut wedges, large fat wheels, and lumps of cheese waiting to be cut and weighed by the pound. One whole corner of the gigantic store was dedicated to cheese and the section was strategically placed next to wire racks of wine. Interestingly enough, the cheese section was only two or so aisles away from the coffee aisle, and the aroma of coffee beans blended in with the smoky, pungent smell of cheese somewhere in between, creating a very new aromatic sensation that was quite exotic and strangely complementary.


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