Web posts banned TV transcript

Excerpts of the transcript of a program on Hwang Woo-suk and stem cells that the Korean Broadcasting System had killed before it was supposed to be shown on public television were posted yesterday on the Internet news media Web site Polinews.
The transcript includes an allegation that University of Pittsburgh professor and former Hwang colleague Gerald Schatten used research technology developed at Seoul National University to file for his own patent. It also contains quotes from many scientists suggesting that stem cell line 1 was cloned through somatic cell transfer, contrary to an investigative review by Seoul National University.
The news site, (www.polinews.co.kr), which published a summarized version of the transcript Wednesday, said it obtained the transcript from Moon Hyung-ryul, the program’s producer. The contents available as of yesterday were the first of three sections of the entire transcript, Polinews said.
The television broadcast of the hour-long investigative report was postponed and then later pulled after KBS conducted an internal review. The broadcaster announced on Tuesday it would not run the program, saying some contents could not be verified and were subject to legal dispute.
That same day, Mr. Moon said he would post the contents on the Internet. He has not been available for comment since.

Wohn Dong-hee for JoongAng Daily


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