IS375 Discovering User Needs for UX 

How do you make a new product or service? How do you anticipate someone’s needs before they do? How do you understand how people interact with products?

It’s all about the understanding the customer. In this course, we take a deep dive into qualitative user experience (UX) research. UX research is the process of understanding why and how people use products and services. This course will teach you a set of research tools to understand user needs, investigate the user experience, and derive design recommendations.

We will cover techniques like ethnography, conducting focus groups, interviewing, and analyzing qualitative data. We will be talking with user experience researchers in industry and academia. This practical, hands-on course will give you an insight into the psychology of user behavior and lay the foundation for students who are pursuing careers designing, evaluating, or marketing products for people.

IS448 Usability and Measuring the User Experience

This course will teach students a set of quantitative tools to understand user needs, derive design recommendations, and evaluate the user experience.

Students will get an in-depth knowledge of how to design, execute, and analyze data from experiments and surveys using both descriptive and inferential statistics. Students will also receive an overview of the different methods being used in industry and academia, such as eye-tracking, social media content analysis, and physiological tests.