• 3/28: Sungkyunkwan University Interaction Science invited talk- Seoul, S. Korea
  • 4/25: National Chengchi University invited talk “Digital patronage and the new creator economy” (virtual)
  • 4/29-5/3: ACM CHI conference- New Orleans
  • 5/13: Korea Media Management Association conference invited talk- Seoul, S. Korea
  • 5/18: LG Electronics Design College invited talk (virtual)
  • 5/23: Postech Sports AIX Graduate Program invited talk: “Sports in the metaverse: incorporating digital analytics and digital fandom (virtual)
  • 5/27-30: International Communication Association (ICA) Conference- Paris, France


  • 4/6: UBC guest lecture (virtual)
  • 5/5: LATECE Montreal invited talk (virtual)
  • 6/21-23: ACM IMX conference (virtual)


  • 4/29: Invited speaker at Cornell (virtual)
  • 6/17-18: ACM IMX conference (virtual)
  • 12/4: Portland State University invited talk (virtual)


  • 1/4: Paper on live streaming shopping presented at HICSS by Jie Cai
  • 1/25 Invited talk: Clemson University
  • 5/4-9: Present paper at CHI (Glasgow) on volunteer Twitch moderators
  • 5/23-27: Presenting 2 papers at ICA (Washington, D.C.) on content moderation and livestreaming
  • 6/21: invited talk: AIX (Artificial intelligence) forum at IBS (Daejeon, S. Korea)
  • 7/9: invited talk: Konkuk University
  • 7/12: invited talk: KAIST HCI lab
  • 7/17-18: Attending Korea Space Forum
  • 9/3: Invited talk at Twitch HQ
  • 9/5: Invited talk at Mozilla HQ
  • 9/27-29: Attending TwitchCon
  • 10/22-25: Presenting at CHIPLAY (Barcelona, Spain)
  • 11/9-13: Presenting at CSCW (Austin, TX)


  • 3/10 NSF icorps award to design social support system for Opioid epidemic
  • 3/24 invited talk: University of Michigan
  • 3/24 invited talk: Michigan State University
  • 3/30 invited talk: Cornell Tech
  • 4/23-26 CHI (Montreal)
  • 5/24-28 ICA (Prague)
  • 6/26-28 Paper on live streaming shopping presented at TVX (Seoul)


  • 2/8, KAIST (Daejeon, S. Korea)
    3/29-31 Paper on cross-cutting exposure and political participation in social media presented at Eastern Communication Association conference (Boston, MA)- Best paper award!
    5/6-11 Two late-breaking works and panel on Online content moderation at CHI (Denver, CO)
    5/15-18 Designing social media for social support presented at ICWSM (Montreal, Canada)
    5/25-28 Presentation about game genre, gender, and motivations at ICA (San Diego, CA)
  • 8/9-12 Paper on ethnic diversity in one’s Facebook network about news engagement to be presented at AEJMC (Chicago, IL)
  • 12/6-7 Presenting work on moderation practices in livestreaming communities at All Things Moderation conference (Los Angeles, CA)


  • 6/10-14 International Communication Association conference, Fukuoka, Japan
  • 6/8 Invited talk at KAIST, South Korea
  • 5/17-18 Health Data Exploration project meeting, San Diego
  • 4/29 Invited talk at Cornell University
  • 4/8-12 Presenting research on self-determination and college going at AERA
  • 4/1 Panelist on digital careers at “Women Designing the Future” conference at NJIT
  • 3/21-22 Student will be presenting research on mobile shopping at iConference
  • 3/27-29 Poster on designing paralinguistic digital affordances for social support at CSCW
  • 1/21 Giving talk at Ygnite about social media and social capital




  • 11/25 Guest lecture on social network games and relationship maintenance for Dr. Amy Lu at Northwestern
  • 11/18 Presenting dissertation work on gaming habits at Northwestern MTS Brownbag
  • 10/25-26 Attending InfoSocial conference at Northwestern
  • 8/15 Starting postdoctoral position in Social Media Lab with Jeremy Birnholtz at Northwestern
  • 7/1-5 Attending Learning Analytics Summer Institute at Stanford
  • 6/14-17 Presenting papers at International Communication Association conference in London
  • 6/9 Paper on Facebook game players accepted for Entertainment Computing
  • 4/4 Presenting at the Michigan College Access Network conference
  • 1/7 Paper on first-generation high school students and college aspirations accepted for Computers & Education


  • 11/26 Recipient of Outstanding Graduate Student Award by Korean Communication Association
  • 11/15-18 Presenting at NCA in Orlando
  • 10/29 Personality in city simulation games article appears online first in Computers in Human Behavior
  • 10/10 Cues in Web 2.0 article published in Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
  • 9/27 Attending HackEd at Facebook in Menlo Park, CA
  • 8/21-24 Attending WebShop (workshop funded by the National Science Foundation) at UMD
  • 5/28-30 Presenting at ICA in Phoenix
  • 5/5-9 Presenting at CHI in Austin
  • 4/24 Recipient of Outstanding Scholarship/Teaching/Citizenship award by Department of Telecommunication, Information Studies and Media
  • 4/15 Recipient of Andrew Rasmussen Scholarship
  • 4/13 Presenting at MIS PhD Spring Research Symposium in East Lansing
  • 3/14 Paper on cultural differences in game play appears online first in Computers in Human Behavior
  • 3/3 Presenting at Digital Media and Learning (dml) conference in San Francisco
  • 2/8-9 Presenting at iConference in Toronto
  • 1/15 Five papers accepted for ICA
  • 1/13 Habit in social game play article published in Communication Research Reports


  • 12/10 Two papers and one case study accepted for CHI
  • 11/21 Poster on predicting membership length in online communities accepted for CSCW
  • 11/7 Virtual goods purchasing pattern comparisons between high and low spenders accepted for iConference
  • 8/15 Joining Nicole Ellison on Gates Foundation grant on social capital, games, education
  • 8/10-12 Attending AEJMC
  • 8/9 Facebook as toolkit in press in Computers in Human Behavior
  • 7/19-21 Attending Casual Connect
  • 7/12 Facebook as Toolkit accepted at Computers in Human Behavior
  • 6/2 Gender in casual games paper published in Sex Roles
  • 5/26-30 Attending ICA in Boston
  • 5/7-12 Attending social games workshop at CHI
  • 4/14 Facebook use for collaboration in classroom paper appears online first in International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning
  • 4/8 Discussing Crystallization Theory at Theorizing the Web conference
  • 3/7 Paper “Tweeting about TV” published in First Monday
  • 2/23 “Facebook Fiends” paper accepted for IADIS 2011
  • 2/10 Cliff presents our paper on adult use of Facebook for coordinating at iConference
  • 1/4-7 Attending and presenting at HICSS

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