* Prof. Axel Bruns apparently attended the talk I gave at ICA about using Twitter to analyze television viewers’ sentiments and posted a lovely summary. So many people were taking notes during the session. I hope they got something useful out of it.

* Winners of the ACM student research competition were posted. Yay!

* Thanks to Creative Commons, various publications have been using my Flickr photos: from conference photos for PC Gamer to this photo of the American Folk Art Museum by New York Magazine. Tagging takes a long time, but serves a greater good.

* Paper  ‘Who spends money on virtual goods?’ (co-authored with Naccy) and poster  ‘Cultural differences in social game play’ were accepted for Meaningful Play. Extremely convenient that the conference is being held in East Lansing this year! Reviews were single blind review as opposed to double… but comments I’ve received were the most helpful out of any comments I received on any paper.


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