Top 5 Robots in 2014 Pop Culture

1. Hyundai Exobaby commercial

This “harder than steel” exoskeleton turns babies into Iron Man. “The baby in the suit is you in a new Hyundai.” the commercial states.

Humanistic factor: 8 – right in the Uncanny Valley, and thus super awkward

2. Basement Jaxx- Never Say Never ft. ETML music video
How do you develop a twerking bot? In this MV, Japanese scientists are trying to develop a  dancing robot (waist down, without the upper half of the body) by studying people- especially the movement of the buttocks.

Humanistic factor: 8 – Also sitting in the Uncanny Valley, because it’s very realistic sans the torso

3. OK Go- I Won’t Let You Down music video
The singers sit on Honda’s UNI-CUB robot stools, which are like sitting-down segways. Humanistic factor: 1 – It’s like a cool new vehicle

4. Paul McCartney- Appreciate music video

In this music video, Paul McCartney sings to a robot, which dances an awkwardly with him. It is uncertain how the robot ties with other elements of the music video.  Humanistic factor: 2- It’s a cute robot that looks more machine than human.

5. Big Hero 6

A movie about an inflatable personal healthcare robot Baymax who is fitted into an exoskeleton- robot in a robot! Humanistic factor: 4- It doesn’t look human, but it talks and has a personality you can relate to and develop emotions for.




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