5 things that Facebook should do but if they don’t, Ello should

Here are 5 suggestions for Facebook because they already have the resources to implement them, but if they don’t, other social media are welcome to run with the ideas.

1. Stickers

Facebook has already started use of stickers but stickers are only available in private messages- why not expand that to status updates and comments? (And by stickers I’m not talking about the old-fashioned emoticons that they currently have as a status update feature). Because we want to show, not tell. There is a huge market opportunity with stickers- by employing a microtransaction model, you can have people not only buying stickers, but also uploading their own sticker designs for others to buy. Facebook already has a FB credit system in place, mostly used for games.

2.  Photo-editing

Facebook owns Instagram- so why can’t we use filters and other sophisticated photo editing when uploading pictures to Facebook?

3. Ad-options

I personally like ads, but for those of us who don’t like ads, can we pay a small monthly or yearly amount to have our site be ad-free?

4. Customizing trending news

Can I tailor trending news so I don’t see news about celebrities unless they are about James Spader?

5. Search my own timeline

A lot of times I want to go and find an old post- because of the information I got through comments, wanting to see my sentiment at a particular time, or other nostalgic reasons, etc. There is really no good way to search my own timeline. A good within-Timeline search should at least include keywords, dates, and people.


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