The arctic penguin has caught a cold. (Which reminds me, I don’t like the word “cold.” What’s wrong with cold that it has to be associated with something as terrible as the flu? Penguins relish the cold. Humf)

Halloween weekend was dreary…I had plans to paint, go to a Halloween costume party, get my hair cut, make a Halloween cake, and see Devil Wears Prada (probably the last person to see it, but still!) before it leaves the theaters.

Saturday morning, however, I woke up feeling like a terracotta figure knocked down, with a leaky faucet attached to the end of my nose. It was awful- there was no food in the house, just water and one kiwi, but I was too beat up to even go to the drugstore (which is about a five minute walk away). Then my new computer crashed because Windows XP got hold of a virus (not the same virus as my cold, but a bug caused from the terrible Service Pack 2) and because my computer is an assembled one and not one bought off the shelves, I had to undergo the arduous task of sending it over to be fixed. Of course, when I received the computer, the guys forgot to send back the power line, which was extremely aggravating.

Not in any condition to step outdoors, I snipped off at least four or five inches of my hair with long shears (I love the “shook shook” sound that the shears make when the blades swish open and close) and went into SL, where Moo Money told me about the Ed Wood FIlm Festival, a machinima festival for bad films.

AS LUCK WOULD HAVE IT, the movie-capturing feature was not working, but I still wanted to participate, so I started editing a movie with an assembly of still shots (It’s still quite nice). I finished the clip, but then because of a terribly stuffy nose and cough, I couldn’t do the recording, and was unable to participate in the festival. I’m sure if I entered, I would have been a very good candidate for worst scenario, it’s such a shame… maybe I will upload it later onto this blog.

Today, before going to work, I at least had an opportunity to meet with Rebecca and Gene in SL and a penguin get-together. Which reminds me, I bought an igloo, which I will be setting up soon…I am wondering whether or not I should buy an island…

(screenshot by Becca)


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