Lansing Solo Exhibition

“Coalescence” (see photos here)

April 7-May 5, 2913
Gallery 1212, Lansing, MI

My second solo art exhibition was (again) mainly based on my paintings of women in hanbok (Korean traditional dresses) but also had a few abstracts and nudes because there was a lot of space.

It took place at the Gallery1212, which is a small but cute space in Old Town Lansing. It is the opposite of a minimalist gallery that one would find in large cities- this place was curated to display as much as possible and in a very snug, homey fashion. Aside from the opening day (Sunday), the weather in April was cold and raining on all of the other weekends, so there was apparently very little foot traffic. Still, I had a great reception, with a lot of friends and faculty from MSU, which was a lot of fun. Plus, it was just great to show my work.

The title of the exhibition was “Coalescence.” The central piece of the show married the “women in hanbok” theme with the abstract graffiti background. The graffiti was Korean, English, and Chinese words.

The large one in the center was the focal piece.

As you can see, the wall was really jam-packed. It was not an ideal way to display all the paintings but interesting nonetheless.

On the opposite side of the hanbok paintings were face-less portraits of more women in billowing dresses, western style. I am obsessed with striped dresses, as you can see here.



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