Crowd-sourcing and Lawyering 2.0

A lot of crowd-sourcing seems to be going on these days– if it has to do with information that is not confidential, why not get more people to think about it? The more heads, the better, right?

In the Joel Tenenbaum case against the RIAA led by Prof. Nesson, this “Lawyering 2.0” has produced interesting results, with people suggesting questions we could ask the witnesses. Hopefully, we will be able to get the public more involved with some new issues, some of which we hope to launch soon. Separately, Prof. Zittrain’s Herdict project is also trying to harness wisdom of the crowd to figure out which websites are blocked around the world. In another case, Prof. Lessig is seeking the knowledge of the at-large audience in defending Shepard Fairey against AP. Hundreds of examples could be found in art history where works were based on existing works. Hopefully, some art-savvy people will be able to help out in finding similar examples.


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