Touchy touch-sensitive gadgets

I have an LG Chocolate phone, an iPod,a laptop with a touchpad, and a Nintendo DS, all of which are touch-sensitive. But then the term “touch-sensitive” is misleading. The devices don’t want any kind of touch, they need to be touched (or stroked) in a specific area by a specific thing (Hmmm, sounds like an opening paragraph for erotic literature)– most preferably, a human finger because these touch-sensitive gadgets only respond to objects with capacitance.

It’s hilarious that Apple came up with a patent for a glove that lets you peel back the tip of the finger. Silly, yes, but if you’ve ever taken a walk on a cold winter day, you’ll know why this is needed. My house is a 30-min. walk from work, so I often listen to music. Fast-forwarding, skipping tracks, and rewinding can be done with my gloves on, but I can’t turn the wheel. It’s the same with my phone. Both devices long for a human touch (or at least something that has a current running through it) It’s annoying. Sometimes, I try to scroll through tracks on my iPod using my lips instead of taking off my gloves. Yes, I have caught people looking at me in an odd way. They probably thought I was smooching my iPod.


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