Bad bits

Where I draw the line: The phone app that lets your “friends” know your location is where I draw the line. Sure, it can be used in a lot of good ways, like if I suddenly want to go to lunch, I can take a peek at the map and see if any of my friends are close by. But the problem is that the choice in whether or not you want to make yourself available on that application is not really a choice, as is friending with people on Facebook or accepting contact requests on MSN Messenger. Soon, you will find that you don’t want to be available on your MSN messenger any more, because it’s only useful when you want to talk to someone, which is not all the time. Do you really want your phone to be your GPS tracking device? It’s bad enough that our activities are already being tracked– what with subway cards, credit card transactions, shop mileage cards– the last thing I need is for everyone to know where I am.

The Crashing Sound is Real: The Times reports that Waterford Wedgwood has collapsed of debt.


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