Wearing hanbok in Second Life

Modeling my hanbok (traditional Korean dress) line in Second Life. I designed this line of Korean dresses because when I first joined Second Life in 2006, there were no shops that sold Korean dresses, although there were a lot of Japanese and Chinese costumes. These dresses can be bought in my Second Life store for very cheap. There are several different types of Korean dresses.

I used a silk texture for the skirts (chima) of all of my dresses and did a “flex” overlay with a transparent chiffon-like covering so that the skirt sways when you move. The skirt was a prim (three-dimensional object) whereas the shirt is something that Second Life treats similar to a tatoo. The ribbon on the shirt (jeogori) was also a prim and has a flexible component. The prints on the shirt were painted using photoshop. Traditionally, before women wear a hanbok, they bind their breasts so that they lay flat- that was something that you can’t really simulate in Second Life unless you alter your avatar. The elaborate wigs were also prims. Some of these screenshots were taken in a traditional Korean-style house that someone else designed.



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