Craigslist as a stress reliever

Whenever I feel extremely stressed or bored, I go to Craigslist personals for a good laugh. The Boston personals are a little more serious than New York ones, which lean more towards finding a partner for a one night stand. There are still a lot of funny things– not because the posts are humorous, but because people describe themselves in the strangest fashion. Here is one example:

Hi, I’m one cute boy and I have pretty simple requirements. I basically want someone I can play lots of video games with, and maybe even take shots with every time I get my ass handed to me in Mario Kart. I’d like to go on bike rides and take photographs, and maybe even on picnics where we hold hands and make love on X-men sheets and wait till the sun goes down and then run around the city and draw on walls. Cheesy stuff like that. That’s really it.


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