Asian Street Fashion

On Friday, I went to the Harvard GSD to see “Pop! Contemporary Street Fashion in Asia” (more pictures here). The exhibit contained a number of elements, including fashion, photography, and installations.

I was rather surprised at the photos from Seoul, because the subjects were all very glamorously dressed, and wondered if that could be considered pop culture– if the glamorously-dressed women are, in fact, a minority. It’s true, however, that Korean women do dress up more than average American women. I consider myself a somewhat conservative dresser in Korea, but whenever I go anywhere in the U.S. (with the exception of NY) I always receive comments about how dressed up I am. Weird.

Here is a list of the websites of the photographers who were featured in the exhibit. The actual photographers were not present at the event.


2 responses to “Asian Street Fashion

  1. I live in Korea for a year 2007/2008 and Korean girls definitely make more of an effort on a daily basis. I was at a big university in Seoul and more 70% or more of girls would be wearing high heels on any given day!

    I’m now living in a lower tier Chinese city, not quite the same as Seoul. But it’s developing, which is just as exciting.

  2. Need some quick advice.I’m looking to meet an Asian woman specifically. I’ve always been attracted to hot Asian girls. Can anyone tell me the differences between Chinese women and Japanese girls? They are the hottest in my opinion. but do conventional pickup tactics work, when the girl does not speak English?

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