Blogging for Z

I’ve started writing for Jonathan Zittrain’s Future of the Internet blog and it is quite an interesting experience. For one thing, the posts are being reviewed a couple times before being published, so it’s nothing like this blog, where I write as fast as I think and don’t bother to put in hyperlinks.

Writing on the FOI blog is more like writing a newspaper article, where I lift myself out of my shoes and try to take on a neutral, fair position. (Quoting from B.D. colen, “there is no such thing as objectivity.”) So the posts turn out to be a little boring and explanatory– maybe from my experience in writing for newspapers, where you should make things easy enough for a middle school student to read. Hopefully, I’ll be able to incorporate more catchy leads and be able to raise interesting questions, if not expressing my own opinions.

Unfortunately, Jonathan doesn’t write much on his blog, which is a shame because I’m sure everyone who goes there is interested in what he thinks.


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