Vista discriminates poor

This is yet another post ranting on the negative aspects of having Vista as an operating system.

So! I went to the CEX store in Boston today, with high hopes of finding a good PC simulation game. Not being a programmer, I don’t know how hard it is to make a simulation game, but the number of titles seems to be plummeting every year. Well, yes, there are all those SIMS title and Spore (still counts as part of the SIMS family) but other than that, there really is nothing.

In fact, the situation is so bad I’ve actually been paying Oberon to download their simulation games. (No offense to Oberon) It’s a waste of money because you can finish it very quickly and the graphics are an eyesore. So far, I’ve played Westward Bound 2, one about developing settlements (this one was actually okay, except it had a lot of graphics bugs) and Youda Camper. I finished Youda Camper in two hours, I think. (You have to pay once you pass the free 1-hour period so I felt really cheated of my money) I long for StarCraft or Caesar.

But I digress. Back to the CEX store, where I planned to get some good old used simulation games. I had a $59 voucher with me so I was greedily looking over the shelves when it suddenly struck me that I can’t play any of the games that are on the PC game rack because none of them support Vista.

It’s just so sad when you think about it because in this financial crisis, game developers are not going to make simulation games because of the teeny market and poor gamers can’t play old games because their computers have Vista.


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