Were you born that way?

I have always had a fascination with astrology and the question of how much a person is affected by education and experience in life as to inborn traits.

Although I hate the idea of generalizing, I have found astrology extremely useful in interpersonal relationships. Not that it prevents me from making mistakes, but I at least have a vague idea of what that person is prone to like and dislike.

My best guideline is the book “The Secret Language of Relationships” in which the author Gary Goldschneider breaks up people into 48 types- instead of the 12 zodiacs. This makes so much more sense than the commonly-known Chinese or Western astrology, which only has 12 types. It also tells you about your relationships with other signs depending on whether you are family, friends, co-workers, lovers, or etc. I liked this aspect– for instance, my bff Sophie have a great relationship as friends, but would not be so compatible if I were her mother or lover. (It also separates “love” from “marriage” which I found greatly amusing)

When combining that with the Briggs Myers personality type, you get a fairly accurate rendering. In my case, my Goldschneider analysis was almost identical to my Briggs-Myers type, making me wonder about the relationship between astrology and personality. Am I what I am because I was born this way? When I was younger, it did seem as if education and environment had a big influence on my personality, but as I grow older, I am beginning to think that personality is more of an in-born thing that cannot be changed. (Now that is different from habit, which can be changed through environment- which is probably why it is called second-nature and not nature)

Unlike the U.S. original,  the Korean translated version of Goldschneider’s book published 48 small, separate volumes so you only had to buy the book corresponding to your type. (I am the Week of Freedom) This book has come close to the Bible when I think of personal relationships. Sometimes, I’ll deny what the book says, thinking that there must be exceptions, but so far, it has always been right in the end. A little scary.


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