Cacti, Computers, and Virility

Spending time in a country where people are obsessed about virility, I think it is worthy to look into the alleged side-efffects of digital devices, in light of increasing infertility rates.

There are theories about how electromagnetic waves from gadgets such as computers and cell phones affect virility. Men are discouraged from putting cell phones into their trouser pockets or putting their laptop computers on their laps. (Frankly, I think it is the time men spend fiddling with these gadgets that drain them of strength, not the electromagnets.)

I realize that my claims are based merely on empirical evidence, but I believe that there is some truth in all of this. My father is a computer science professor and 8 or 9 out of 10 professors in that department only have daughters. (It is well known that the “female” sperm lives longer than the male) I may be going too far in saying that people who deal with a lot of computers aren’t able to have sons, but dismissing such statistics as mere coincidence doesn’t sound right either.

Hence, more people (or at least Korean office workers) are buying more cacti for their desks. (The cactus plant is supposed to absorb electromagnetic waves.)


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