Political Twittering

Somewhat disappointing, twittering has become more of a method of communicating what you want people to perceive you as doing instead of what you are actually doing.

I find that twittering isn’t the comfortable, casual means of communications as it could be. There seems to be mainly three types of tweets- the political (strategic?) tweets, the emotional tweets, and the daily bored-with-nothing-else-to-do tweets. You would think that people would use a combination depending on their mood, but that seems to be a rare, at least with the people I know.

Twittering is almost as superficial as friendship (or the lack thereof) on Facebook. The most sincere twitters are coming from my cousin, who will be going to high school in the fall. She never seems to hide her emotions- whether it be hating her mother or lusting over a pop star. Very emotion-heavy, personal tweets also come from gay friends. For many others, however, it is more about showing off. It can be cute, but on a continual basis, it can be very annoying.


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