Who said you’re related?

I was very angry today because I was reading a few posts in my blog and noticed that they all had a “possibly related” article link at the end. Of course, the link was not related, and even if it were, I wouldn’t want to show it unless I were the one who put in that link.

Since when did these automatic links start? I feel that the integrity of my blog is compromised because I am unknowingly promoting content that I have no control of. Is this the dark force JZ is talking about?

It is taking forever to upload pictures from Berkman @ 10 and the gala. Not only are the photos huge, there are quite a lot of them, and it also takes time to sift through and take out the really bad ones, out of courtesy of the person in the photo. (I don’t understand people who deliberately post bad pictures of others on the Internet. That is pure evil.)

Brunch at Professor Nesson’s house was beautiful (I still have a hard time calling him Charlie), although at the end of the day my feet were sore from having stood all day for three days in a row. There was a very sunny room next to the pool where I would be content lolling around, listening to music, and painting all day. This house that I am in is exotic, but the dark olive and crimson-painted rooms is not exactly an optimism booster. Only a fortnight left until I move out; I will miss Ella (the dog).

At the brunch, I took some beautiful pictures of the beautiful, beautiful children. For all I know, they are the future of the Internet.

Since my involvement with the Berkman Center last September, all we were looking forward to was Berkman at 10. Now that it is over, I feel a little sad- for various reasons, some very selfish and ridiculous. So many things to do in the next few months- many of which I am not looking forward to. Life is too short.


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