*Since my post on Facebook, I’ve been surprised to see that a lot of photo-posting features have changed to allow more privacy. Yay!

*Forgive me for being a capitalistic bitch, but I don’t really understand why Icahn has to be the bad guy. As far as I can see, he’s a genius. Let’s say a man starts dating a woman that people weren’t very interested in. He gives her advice on what to wear, how to put on makeup, how to socialize. It’s true that he was a bit bossy in the progress, but people started noticing how very lovely she was. And then he dumps her. Yeah, he took back the engagement ring, but it’s not like she won’t start dating someone else. Now that she has vamped her life.

*I’ve had several discussions lately with a number of people about identity. Where is my hometown? I don’t know really what to answer, because if it means the place where I was born, it is Seoul, but I moved two times before I turned one. If it is the place where my parents currently are, it is Daejeon, but since I left home early in my life, most of my memories with my parents are from New Jersey. Then if you ask where I feel most comfortable and “at home” all I can think of is cyberspace.

The identity crisis goes on: Koreans perceive me as being very liberal and “American,” but in America, I find myself terribly laced up in conservative Korean values. I do not look even look like the stereotypical Asian girl – my physique is more of an African American, in the curve of my hips or breasts, and my hair is strangely frizzy.

Once, when I mentioned these things, someone told me to think of my cup of water as being half-full instead of half-empty, pointing out that my qualities enabled me to enjoyed both worlds. But I strongly disagree. First of all, my cup is brimming and it’s not water, it’s vodka.


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