Thank you video

Thank you video. At least we can feel safe now that it wasn’t a frame. I’m beginning to get tired of all the conspiracy theories and the analyses.

It’s a shame that Cho wasn’t able to deal with being an outsider, I mean, most of us find other ways to enjoy life. They say America is a melting pot but that is totally bullsh**. It’s not the same for everyone- for instance, even as a child, my sister was always popular and accepted as part of the general group regardless of her ethnicity, but I was always Asian and my classmates never failed to mentioned it. I still have dreams where blotchy-faced MF is pointing at me, saying ‘your face is so flat, the walls are jealous.’ Always having to deal with ‘ching chang chong’ despite not being chinese. Of course the Philippine kids never got teased. I guess being more brown put them in the category of latinos and not Asians.’

I see the Indian groups, the Chinese groups, the Korean groups, and sometimes my sister tells me that she doesn’t understand why they have to group together and that such grouping only alienates them more. I totally agree with her and I must say I don’t like those groups either, but only very very few Asians are accepted into the American community. Maybe it has something to do with personality, I don’t know, because even as children, growing up in the U.S. with no knowledge of Korea whatsoever, I wasn’t accepted as an American while my sister was.


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