Group meeting

I am so behind in my posts- the past week has been terrible, what with recovering from the flu and extra work because we were one person short. Figured, however, that I should at least put up the photos and then update the post later on when I have the time.  


So this is our group having a meeting on Berkman (above). USA Brody, unfortunately, was unable to attend for some reason.  We had a very constructive discussion this day and made huge progress. I’m wearing my “Little Bo Peep costume”- complete with sheep and staff. I found a Bo Peep tanktop in a freebie, and added the white undershirt and prim skirt.

I took the snapshots during our discussion. Frappe, who is very observant, said, “Yvette, are you taking pictures?” “Yes,” I said guiltily. I was paying very much attention to the discussion, but maybe I shouldn’t have taken the pictures during it- I sort of felt like a paparazzi.

After the “boys” left (obliged with husbandly duties and the like), Frappe and I decided to join the scripting class, which was taking place in the sandbox. The snapshot at the left is a dress that I designed for her, colored orange to match her hair. She looked absolutely radiant! (Parasol required to keep out the sun and prevent freckles~!)


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