After reading about Reuters, I teleported to the island and was taking some aerial shots when Adam Reuters IMed me.

-I like your dress. I was on the roof and thought I saw a parachute, he said.
-Ah, waiting for Superman now, are we? I said.
-I’m no Clark Kent, he said.
I didn’t tell him that it was Lois Lane, not Clark Kent, that had been waiting on the roof for superman. Besides, Clark Kent was the shame of all journalists. I don’t remember if he ever actually did any reporting. I did appreciate Adam’s great taste in fashion, though. (I was wearing an outfit of my own design, called Paradise)

We sat on the edge of the roof and had a short conversation, sipping Pina Coladas, but only because it wasn’t his official working hours yet. In RL, Adam was on the phone for most of the time, but in SL, at least he was sitting there smiling and sipping his drink while I blabbed on and on about nothing in particular.

The island and the architecture were beautiful, and quite a number of people were there. In the lobby, some people were interviewing a man from Electric Sheep. Outside, there were people lined up to meet Adam. One of them pointed out that his online presence may turn out to be annoying to him, especially since it makes it easier for anyone to meet him. Interesting, on the banners inside for “top news” there was a huge picture of Kim Jong Il. I bet Mr. Kim doesn’t even know his face is hanging in virtual Reuters headquarters.


Adam gave me a newsfeed banner (sort of like Google Toolbar) that you can put in the corner of your screen and click on for updated news, which will take you to the news link. I was impressed that Reuters was so net-savvy as to implement these functions in Second Life. But then again, I don’t really want to have Reuters news hanging in my window all the time. Even in RL I have disabled all the IM-type RSS newsfeed services that most newspapers and broadcasting companies offer.


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