Meeting Moo

On Monday, I had the honor of meeting Moo Money, maker of Machinima (all these M’s!) for a short group interview. She was extremely enthusiastic about Machinima and about getting more people internationally to participate in Machinima. I told her that Koreans are already making Machinima, although it’s not actually called Machinima, and we exchanged “friendship” to talk more about Machinima at some later point.

In this screenshot you can see my new duckie shoes. Moo and I are both wearing white “Stand Up” bracelets to support the global fight against poverty. I forgot to ask Moo what inspired her to think up such a name in the first place. I wonder if she got it from the musical RENT, where Maureen sings about how people should “moo” to fly over moon because “in cyberland, all they drink is diet coke.” Second Life, however, is more than cyberland and the availability of drinks is certainly not limited to diet coke!


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