Vivendi stained glass lamps


A fan of Tiffany stained glass lamps in RL, I found the collection of lamps at Ars Vivendi (building on the left) simply… exquisite! The shop mostly had sofa sets on display, but there were a few lamps on the side tables, some of which also had stained glass.

The colors and details of the stained glass were very impressive and the lamps were simple in design. A flaw, however, for the more colorful shade containing orange and yellow hues, (above, right) was that the wooden base was not the best choice of materials. A metallic base- perhaps a buffed bronze- may have complemented the shade a bit more. This lamp below, therefore, was much more attractive, although the spiral ornament attachment was a “modern twist” that conventional stained-glass lamp lovers may not like. 


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