Even when he was not smiling, his face glowed with health, happiness, and love. Just looking into his eyes, I could feel his ambitions, a wholesome enthusiasm and pride for everything that he believed in. It had been so long since I had seen someone like that, as if tiny sparks were spewing from out of his head.. a constant smile playing around his lips, as if he took great delight in being who he was. I could bang on his chest and it would clang like a clear brass bell. His confidence was so overwhelming and yet so humbly portrayed that I felt a choking sensation in my throat; my windpipe closed up and it was hard to breathe.

I could not erase those eyes, planted like two dots in my head, seeming to look at me even when my eyes are open. It shames me that if he were to look into mine, he would only be looking into a dark, mossy well, although it was not always so. It is wretched of me to say, but his happiness made me miserable, because it was one I could not share, and yet for all the world I would never take it away from him.


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