I spent a magnificent three-day vacation in Jeju, not entirely free from work, but two whole days without the Internet (amazing!) and cruising along the shore road in a beautiful Sebring convertible – courtesy of Jeju Rent-a-car.

The island is not so big, but the beaches are very different depending on whether you are on the North, east, south, or west. The west coast, as pictured above, was the most beautiful in my opinion, with clear turquoise-green waters and white sand. In the south, you have black sand beaches, more white beaches, and a cobolt blue ocean, mixed with a tint of green. Rising in the middle of island is Mount Halla, an inactive (extinguished?) volcano.

It was wonderful, feeling the sun on my face and the wind causing my hair to fly about in all directions. Sometimes some strands got into my eyes, but fortunately, never both eyes at the same time.


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