Stand Up in SL!

“Stand Up!” was the first public campaign that I’ve encountered in SL that takes an RL campaign, extending it into SL. Going to Midnight City one day to look for some hair (what a weird expression), a huge sign was floating over the huge fountain. (This fountain always reminds me of the sitcom “Friends” but somehow it is very intimidating, which keeps me away from sitting on its edge. Usually, I always like to splash water up in fountains, but certainly not this one.)

The sign was offering white wrist bands as a symbol of the global fight against poverty. On Oct. 15-16, clicking on the sign will apparently count towards an attempt for a Guinness World Record. Stand Up’s Web site has more details on the campaign against poverty. I believe these kinds of campaigns are examples of offline elements entering SL and that interaction between offline and online makes SL just more than a place for 3D dating.


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