Baby blue evening gown


Unfortunately, I am working on another computer right now, and decided that no, I did not want to keep on writing on MS word until I had updated the rest of my posts. I suppose my revels in SL no longer have a chronological meaning as strong as they did in the beginning. Excuses, excuses.

Somewhere in my explorations, I picked up a baby blue evening gown, complete with satin gloves and glittering rhinestones on the shoes. Although the design wasn’t very flattering, especially because my avatar has huge hips and thighs, I did feel very elegant, and took some self-photos by a statue on Berkman Island. Alas, I do not own any “nice” modeling poses yet. I never really thought I would need any.

I received a deep blue sapphire necklace from a yard sale event that randomly “dropped” free items on participants every so often. I didn’t go for the free items, but just to check out what a yard sale was like, and was surprised to get some costume jewelry that wasn’t so bad.


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