Gardens of Apollo and Free Swimsuits

The Lost Gardens of Apollo – After Midnight City, I decided I wanted to go to a more classic area, and chose the Gardens of Apollo. When I arrived on the island, a couple was sprawled in front of a fire, probably whispering to each other because I could not hear their voices. It was like being transported back into time, and I felt terribly out of place, wearing a red plaid skirt and black shirt. I quickly made a dress with a huge balloon skirt and an off-the-shoulder top, and tied my hair up into knots on top of my head (thanks to those new buns I bought at Midnight City!) Although I could never look Grecian because of my Asian features, I felt a little more in place as I walked between the white pillars and admired exotic dresses made of filmy chiffon-like textures.

Admiring the beautiful sunset, I was joined by a man from New Zealand, or so he claimed. He did not wear a shirt, revealing a great tattoo of a tiger on his chest.
“Is that a tiger on your chest?” I asked.
“Yes,” he said. “Do you like tigers?”
“I think it would depend on whether it was a friendly tiger,” I said.
“Aye, it is a very righteous tiger,” he said.

We sat for some time by the sea, gazing at the sun, which hovered over the horizon but never disappeared over the edge. The beauty of cyberspace. I later excused myself and told my new friend that I wished to explore more of other worlds, and took a short excursion in one of the boats, just to remember the soft red rays of this place.

Free Swimsuit Event– Because we had to attend one event, and because I am interested in clothes (as anyone reading my blog will no doubtedly have noticed by now) I chose an event where they said they would be handing out free swimsuits. I should have gotten my cue from the number of participants in the event that it wasn’t the most popular around. When I teleported to the location, there was no one in sight. Noting two green blobs on my mini map, I flew over to a beach area, where I found a couple dancing and making out in the rushes (the woman was even making appropriate noises). I pretended to ignore them, but actually was very distracted (because of the noises).

After doing some exploring and riding around on a dolphin, I found out that the towels spread out on the beach were supplied with some nice script poses. I proceeded to undress on the beach, making up a new bikini by scratch, and was distracted again by the woman, who laughed. It may or may not have been at me, but suddenly I felt self-conscious, although I knew that my SL character had a very fit figure, unlike my RL self.

I liked two poses in particular, but unable to get both of them into the same screenshot (duh) I cut out one image of me from one of the screenshots and pasted it in the other with Photoshop. In the end, it offered a form of pseudo satisfaction. You see, until now, I have never worn a bikini and unless a miracle happens with my body, probably never will for the rest of my life.


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