Whose cell phone is hippest? It’s all about colors

Back in black?
If your cell phone is black, you could already be passe in the quick trend world of cell phones.
Most new digital ditties being released this summer are vibrant splashes of color.
Samsung Electronics yesterday released its Ultra Edition 6.9 line in rose pink and ocean blue in addition to black. It came two days after the release of a bright orange “slim giga” music phone.
“Cell phones are a fashion item that people use to express their individuality,” said Lee Ki-tae, Samsung’s president. “We will continue to develop colors that cater to young users’ tastes as a part of our premium color marketing.”
Most colors out this summer are cool pastels, reflecting electronics makers’ seasonal marketing.
Following the success of its silver, black and hot pink Razr models, Motorola Korea began sales of a lime Razr.
“In the hot summer season, colors like lime bring up images of tropical fruits,” a Motorola Korea spokeswoman said.
The RD-6800 model in Sharp Electronics’ electronic dictionary series “Real Dic” comes with a light aqua blue cover reminiscent of Carribbean waters.
Sony’s newest see-through USB memory sticks released last month come in four different colors and also have bubble-like pastel cases that can be hung around the neck.
Digital device manufacturers are also targeting more specific consumers ― women, for instance.
Earlier this month, LG Electronics released a special edition of its music digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB) portable player in a red hue with rose motifs.
“We developed this model to capture the hearts of the ladies,” said Park Si-beom, head of LG’s digital display and marketing department.
Later in August, the local venture firm Tinnos will release its Blufin portable media player brand. The pink device comes in a light lime-colored leather case.
Reigncom’s newest MP3 player is a little more decorative. One side can be used as a hand mirror.
“The importance of design in digital devices is already an old story. As makers ride the fashion wave, they are emphasizing color marketing more and more,” an industry analyst said. “Motorola’s Razr has already been on the market for two years, but it still maintains popularity each time it changes colors. This shows that a good color strategy can be the secret of a brand’s lifespan.”

by Wohn Dong-hee for JoongAng Daily


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