I had forgotten how blue his eyes were. They were not clear pools that you could dive in, but rather like a lens that had been cut from a piece of ice with a very fine laser. Just looking at his eyes without his smile would have been frightening. They were cold and distant… alien.
-So we meet again.
-I’m delighted to see you.
He was one of the few people not wearing a red tie although it was far too cold for the one he was wearing. In fact, he could never wear a red tie, because of his eyes and his complexion and something in his face that just clashed terribly with red.  
I was a bit disappointed that he was not wearing the tie I bought him on our last meeting. A beautiful tie with stripes in brown and blue– a shade of pale baby blue that would bring out the blue in his eyes and a soft light fawny brown. It had been on the ‘new arrivals’ rack in the corner, on the second floor of Hugo Boss. As soon as I saw it,  I knew that it was made just for him.
The young salesman warned me, saying it was a color that did not complement everyone, but assured him it was alright–when it comes to buying ties, I know what I am doing.


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