Hwang fans show violent streak

Supporters of disgraced stem cell scientist Hwang Woo-suk became violent yesterday while protesting at Seoul National University. About 10 people in front of the school’s main administrative building ― mostly women in their 40s and 50s ― pounced upon research department head Roh Jung-hye, spokeswoman for the investigative committee, as she tried to enter the building. Ms. Roh spoke on behalf of the school’s investigative committee, which investigated Dr. Hwang’s stem cell fraud case.
Some protesters grabbed Ms. Roh by the hair― pulling some of it out ― and threatened her with foul language. “We pulled out your hair in the name of Korea,” one woman claimed. Ms. Roh was able to escape with the help of security guards and was taken to the school’s clinic, and was reportedly only lightly bruised.
Yesterday was the third day Dr. Hwang’s hard-core supporters have demonstrated at the university, since the school’s disciplinary committee ordered the scientist to appear before the committee to give his final defense.
Claiming that the results of the university’s committee investigation were invalid, the supporters began with a quiet picket on Monday, but cranked up the level on Tuesday, by shouting and throwing eggs at windows.

by Park Sung-woo for JoongAng Daily. Translated by moi


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