How the winds…

I wrote this in 7th grade- reflecting what a sensitive teenager I was, and my tendency to over-dramatize. I don’t think I ever forgave the girl (allegedly best friend until the end of high school) who broke my heart over and over again.

How the winds lament with us
Winds that try to mend my soul
But my mind is beyong mending
wearing from life’s tearsome toil

Words that hurt me, prick me hard
Moths that fly between my heart
Stings that make me numb with cold
Blind to love for evermore

I will never feel again
I’ve been hurt- too hard, too often
I cannot feel the cold wind hit me
I’m blocked off from the world around me

Trying too hard to forgive and forget
Why so hard, why so sad
But I can never love again
Too hurt to feel the warmth surrounding


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