Prometheus and the Snake

As the Bird flew around his head in circles, his intestines hung out of his stomach- wetly glistening in the hot sun.

From the pink tubes of his insides floated up the most rancid smell- a horrendous stench that sloshed around in his nostrils.

The sun was so strong it seemed as if his skin would bake, then crack into a million pieces like a dry field. He hung his head in misery watching his warm blood dribble in thin streams down his thighs- a steady flow that would never stop because he was immortal.

The Bird swooped down and tore off a piece of his liver. He felt the muscles tearing away and the pain shot through his whole body.

He screamed and his limbs rattled the thick iron chains as his body writhed and shuddered. His teeth chattered like castanets as he let out a long pitiful wail of anguish.

As the sweat trickled down his face, he suddenly felt a coldness on his right foot.
Oh, the sweet touch of ice! The cool sensation that rubbed against his calf!
Temporary relief was overtaken by fear when he saw a thick snake wrapping its sleek body around his leg. He gasped.

“Do not be afraid,” hissed the snake.

Its voice was strangely soothing and the coolness of its body took away the heat of his skin.

“It was just a flame. A flame that changed their lives.”
He felt as if he must give some kind of explanation. There was a pause.

“It was just a bite,” the snake said. “A sweet bite that opened their eyes and let them tell the difference between good and evil.”

He looked at the snake and it looked back at him with glittering beady eyes that seemed to understand.

It was coiled around his neck and the pressure was comforting. He felt the dual emotions of pain and ecstasy as it slithered in between his legs.

The snake spoke- its thin forked tongue, tickling the hairs in his ears.
“It is the same with all gods. They do not wish for their creations to become as powerful as they. Higher knowledge is what separates man from god.”Prometheus thought this over and in his head, the snake’s words seemed to make sense.

“Pray, tell me…”
“How long will I suffer for my courageous deed?”

The snake smiled as it trailed its fangs over his neck: “For all eternity.”


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