Train to Nowhere

It was a train. A long train headed for nowhere and everywhere.
As it plummeted into the thick black night, they were dancing wildly inside.
As the lights swirled, their minds swirled.
The one o’clock train- running towards inner destruction.

Bright yellow and green tiles lit up the floor
as they stepped on the glowing squares.
The throbbing pounding of the drums was the central heartbeat
of the train that kept it racing along even though there was no track.

The smiles of their illuminated faces were reflected on the metallic walls but She was a dark blotch of silence
as her gaze dissolved in the whirlwind of frenzy.
They were headed for disaster- eternity- lust- each fearing
that it may be the last.
She checked the watch on her wrist. There wasn’t much time left.

Music burned in the furnace
as the train sped like a roaring dragon on wheels…


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