Content moderation talks in Korea

This summer, I gave several talks related to content moderation on live streaming platforms in Korea, discussing the opportunities and limitations of AI. In particular, AI + X was a symposium that was a collection of talks from people of varied disciplines who use some form of AI in their work. This was an excellent forum to discuss my work with people who are complete outside of my discipline. I also was able to visit Konkuk University, Seoul National University, and KAIST and discuss my research with professors and students who do research related to human-computer interaction.

I also spent summer working with Dr. Mia Cha, who runs the data science group at the Institute for Basic Science in Korea. We collaborated on projects related to hate speech detection and using satellite data to understand wellbeing. These projects involved graduate students in Korea as well as undergraduate “interns” from Iran and China. Was great interacting with students!



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