Product placement in a mobile game: Sugarfina meets Cooking Craze

Product placements are not that common in games and even when done, are not done very well. However, Cooking Craze’s new 14 day “event” that comes just in time for Valentine’s Day is one of the best examples of product placement I have seen yet in a mobile game.

Cooking craze is a mobile game where you have to work in restaurants around the world and cook/assemble dishes in a timely manner. The game is very good about constantly having new content- mostly through limited-time events where players can cook out of a food truck or at a food festival. The game features global cuisines and has very pleasurable game mechanics compared to other cooking games or time management games.

In the most recent event, players can work at Sugarfina (a real candy store chain) and assemble candy boxes, make chocolate, etc. The Sugarfina shop (decorated in the shop’s signature baby blue and white colors) is just the start. Players must assemble candy bento boxes (that look exactly like the product sold offline) with assorted gummies such as champagne bears and red lips, which are actual gummies at Sugarfina.

I’m already a fan of Sugarfina but I applaud this event not because of the brand but because it was a great integration of things that can only happen offline (like giving candy to Someone) with an enjoyable online activity.


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