10 (realistic) things I want in a future car

by arcticpenguin (Sept. 4, 2013)

1. Heated/cooling steering wheel: I know a lot of new models have heated steering wheels, but do they have cooling ones too? Really useful for people with sweaty palms.

2. Weather forecast on dashboard: So I don’t wash my car when it’s going to rain tomorrow or know if I need to take the jacket or umbrella.

3. Video streams of back seats: to check on kids/dogs without having to turn head

4. Relative speed: I want the display to also show what the speed limit is of the road I’m currently driving on to give me a relative sense of how fast I’m going. Especially useful when driving in new locations.

5. Digital barcode/stickers: A barcode that I can load all my permit/registration/parking stuff on so I don’t have to paste silly stickers on my windows and have bits of old sticker residue.

6. Heated wipers: To help melt the ice in the winter. The back window has a melt function, so the front window should have one too.

7. Gas gauge: I want to know how much of the tank is full when I’m at the pump, not after I’ve finished pumping and turn on the ignition.

8. Pre-loaded seat settings: If several drivers are using the same car, it would be nice to have preloaded seat settings that go to the exact seat setting you want without having to annoyingly adjust legroom, height, tilt, etc.

9. Self-diagnostics: Is a back light out? Are the tire pressures uneven?

10. Electronic tinting: Windows that you can tint with a switch, Will help the interior from getting overheated when parked in the summer, can tint back windows in summer but not in winter without having to paste things on your windows…and, uh useful for other in-car private activities.


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