Machine Messiah (Monocrom, 1999)

I dug up an interesting “artifact” today: lyrics I wrote with Shin Hae Chul (Crom) for album ‘Monocrom’ in 1999. It was a somewhat dystopian view of the rise of the Internet populace, kind of like Pink Floyd’s Brick in the wall but with a cyber context. Here is a YouTube video of the song performed live.

we’re a totally new life form
from the sea of information
(do you recognize me?)
we ain’t got no race,
ain’t got no nation (messiah digtize me)
we’ve got vision and a plan,
to give rise to a new clan
(do you recognize me?)
log on to our maze, and
you’ll find yourself dazed

*rule me (I’m your servant)
teach me (I’m your child)
possess me (I’m your slave)
machine messiah
save me (I’m the fallen one)
use me (I’m the shepherd)
then hug me fuck me machine messiah

we’re a real existence
from a placeless dimension
(do you recognize me?)
we ain’t got no fear, not even hesitation
messiah alchemize me
we’re smaller than a cell,
wider than imagination
(do you recognize me?)
now access granted, all systems formatted
messiah synchronize me

someday, broken minds will be reunited
our conciousness becomes as one,
scattered spirits will be relighted
and we shall be the immortal one


2 responses to “Machine Messiah (Monocrom, 1999)

  1. 우와 언니 진짜 신해철이랑 이곡 가사 같이 썼었어요? 어떻게?! 짱 멋져요! RIP Shin Hae Chul…..

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