Lady Gaga and Couture

I am appalled by how certain media and ignorant bloggers say Lady Gaga has a poor sense of fashion. Of course, fashion could be somewhat subjective, but it is an insult to fashion to say that Lady Gaga doesn’t know how to dress. Okay, she doesn’t dress like the average American (thank god), but she knows how to carry her clothes and her choices are actually very coherent. She’s not like most other celebrities who don’t really have their own style and choose to wear whatever makes them look good. Not that that is a bad thing, but it gives them no fashion identity. Gaga’s fashion isn’t horrendous. It’s avant garde.

Lady Gaga's style is coherent

Lady Gaga's style is coherent

Gaga’s fashion selections aren’t coming out of the blue. Anyone who knows a teensy bit about fashion will see influences of Hussein Chalayan, Bernard Chandran, and Alexander McQueen. Do we call their designs “outrageous” or “silly”? No. We say they are haute couture.

Personally, I loved Gaga’s fashion in the music video Paparazzi, which really reminded me of Marilyn Manson. I think it was the images of the pale dead women, the robot/zombie like limb movement, and the eerie evilization (is there such a word?) of Mickey Mouse combined with sexy images that made me think of Manson. Both of them are sexy in a dark way, but far from actual horror because the portrayal of abnormality is surreal and artistic.



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